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 flame detector - wikipedia
A flame detector is a sensor designed to detect and respond to the presence of a flame or fire, allowing flame detection. Responses to a detected flame depend on the installation, but can include sounding an alarm, deactivating a fuel line (such as a propane or a natural gas line), and activating a fire suppression system.

 flame detectors | hochiki
Conventional Infra Red Flame Detector. The DRD-E is a flame detector designed for internal use to detect large flames. The detector fits any of the CDX range of mounting bases. The detection zone is a 90° cone and the detection range is up to and including 25 m. To find out more information or to purchase this product now click the button below.

 flame detection - pyreos
The pyroelectric effect that our devices exploit is particularly effective at flame detection, that effect harnessed by our unique patented technology delivers a flame detection sensor range with exceptional responsivity and range, enabling the development of market leading flame detection systems.

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 flame detectors -
The 40/40R Single IR Flame Detector detects hydrocarbon-based fuel and gas fires using advanced flame analysis tools. 20/20 Range. The 20/20 range includes Mini IR3 and Mini UV/IR detectors which offer a lower cost, lower power, compact design in a general purpose (non-Ex approved) format.

 flame detection - honeywell analytics
The Honeywell Analytics Flame Detection Wizard is an Application based tool to guide in the selection of the best Flame Detector for your application. A series of questions, each with guides, will lead you through the definition of your needs, identifying the best Flame Detector to deploy. Then select that detector below for further details.

 flame products overview :: det-tronics
This flame detector's ultraviolet (UV) sensor has two algorithm settings: one for high-speed and the other for increased false alarm rejection. This provides the same unique high-speed performance that we have always had in with our previous models.

 about flame detection | emerson us
Principles of Flame Detection Today’s flame detectors utilize optical technologies to detect flames. Flames are known to emit electromagnetic radiation in the infrared (IR), visible light, and ultraviolet (UV) wavelengths depending on the fuel source.

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