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 flame detector - wikipedia
IR/IR flame detection Dual IR ... Problems with boilers failing to stay lit can often be due to dirty flame sensors or to a poor burner surface with which to complete ...

 flame detection - pyreos
By also offering companion sensors to the main flame detecting sensor it is possible to refine a flame detection system to operate in challenging environments such ...

 flame detectors - commercial
Full line of Self-check, standard and solid state detectors for use with Programmer and Primary flame safeguard controls.

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 flame detectors in action
See how General Monitors' flame detectors respond to a typical sq. ft. pan fire. Both Multi-spectral and UV/IR flame detectors are shown in action. Learn ...

 flame detectors -
Crowcon offers a range of infra-red (IR) and ultra-violet (UV) based flame detectors for quickly detecting flames at a distance.

 gas detection systems, air monitors, detectors | teledyne
Our dedication to safety, backed by more than 100 years of Gas Detection Experience, has made Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection a global fixed and portable gas ...

 a guide to optical flame detection – how uv, ir and ...
Fire detection is based on various properties of fire such as smoke emission, rise in temperature and optical radiation emission.

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