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 guardfire - fire protection for the oil, gas industries
Guardfire is a specialist fire protection company focused on high hazard and special risk industrial facilities such as power, petrochemical, oil and gas plants.

 oil & gas – sa fire protection
Instead what is needed is a quick response in terms of fire/ gas detection and suppression. Our fast acting and reliable fire protection and rescue systems ensure people are safe and assets are protected before the fire has a chance to spread.

 petrochemical, oil & gas fire protection | morgan fire ...
Petrochemical, Oil & Gas FireMaster® systems for the offshore and petrochemical industry provide hydrocarbon and jet fire protection to structures and process equipment whilst also providing ancillary benefits such as low weight, good acoustic / thermal ...

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 5 fire protection tips for oil and gas worksites
With the flammable chemicals, gases and materials used in the oil and gas industry, employers are paying great attention to fire protection in the workplace. Controlling fire hazards is a key part of ensuring worker safety on extraction, refining and other sites.

 fire protection for oil and gas - gielle industries
Fire protection for oil and gas Gielle offer a complete suite of services to the Oil & Gas industry, both on and offshore. The company’s expertise and experience in the Oil & Gas industry is unparalleled and they remain at the forefront in their sector.

 oil and gas fire protection | orr protection systems
Oil and Gas Fire Protection Systems. ABOUT. Off-shore oil platforms, oil pumping stations, refineries, gasoline storage tanks, compressor stations, gas processing plants, LNG receiving facilities… oil & gas facilities represent significant fire hazards, often complicated by harsh environments and remote locations.

 basic fire protection systems used in oil & gas plant ...
In any oil & gas plant or refinery unit there are many hazardous fluids & gases present or generated. These fluids & gases can be flammable or inflammable in nature and can cause fire in the facility destructing the assets, pollution to the environment & fatality to human life.

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