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 flamex spark detection & extinguishing systems
We introduced the FLAMEX Spark Detection and Extinguishing System to North America in 1977. See Our Video on New Installation at Arauco Grayling, MI. FLAMEX Announces Introduction of New IR Detector Series .

 spark detection and extinguishing system | atexon
The spark detection and fire extinguishing system works faster than the explosion. The spark detection and fire extinguishing system is designed to stop ignition sources from getting into dust explosion hazardous areas, such as silos and filters.

 spark detection - industrial fire prevention | industrial ...
Spark detection systems are custom to your particular process. Spark detection systems are primarily used as a fire prevention method in mechanical conveyors, dust collectors, and pneumatic conveying systems by detecting and extinguishing sparks and embers. When working materials, sparks are created very quickly.

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 spark detectors - control logic
SPARK DETECTORS installed on duct Spark detector is not installed directly over the duct but through the SAM-871 mounting frame which isolates it from the duct itself. Spark detector is put inside the SAM-871 mounting frame and it sees the duct internal through two optical windows. Whatever situation will happen inside the duct does not go ...

 spark detection - aairex
Spark detection goes further than just the detection of sparks but also includes the detection of particles hot enough to cause an ignition. Both sparks and excessively hot particles have the potential cause of ignitions which can lead to fires and/or explosions.

 spark detection systems and how they work • coima usa
Spark Detection – Extinguishment Chart (credit: Boss Products America/GM Sistemi) HIGH SPEED ABORT GATES. When a deflagration has been detected in a dust collection system which returns the output air into the building from which it was drawn there is a risk of that fire entering the building and spreading inside.

 spark detection and extinguishing systems | boss products
The EcoMAXX ® Spark Detection and Extinguishing System detects sparks and glowing embers; suppressing with water spray within milliseconds of detection. The control module ensures integrated fire and explosion protection with numerous EcoMAXX ...

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