IR flame detectors, spark detectors and thermal detectors for industrial applications. The fastest and most effective fire alarm devices.    10 YEAR WARRANTY

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 spark detection & extinguishing systems | grecon
Spark Detection & Extinguishing is a preventive measure against fires and dust explosions for pneumatic & mechanical conveyors, dust collection, filters...

 my website > products detectors - spark detection
The YMX 5000 Spark Detector is a technologically advanced infrared sensor. It has a self-monitoring optics feature which alerts the user of a reduction of detector ...

 spark detectors - control logic
rev. 8 APR18 DESP-MASP CONTROL LOGIC SPARK DETECTORS technical description and application manual

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 spark detectors - control logic
IR flame detectors, spark detectors and thermal detectors for industrial applications. The fastest and most effective fire alarm devices.

 detector - sensors | spark detection | grecon
Spark Detector - Sensors for detecting sparks and embers in production equipment, pneumatic conveying and exhaust systems.

 eds - spark detectors - general notes
2 EDS - SPARK DETECTORS - GENERAL NOTES The spark detectors are electronic devices suitable for the detection of sparks in the pipes or transport ducts of conbustible ...

 spark & ember detectors - desusystems
Desu Systems BV is able to offer you a complete stand-alone spark and/or ember detection & suppression solution.

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