RIV-601P/S Spark detector IP66 ATEX II 3D

Detects incandescent bodies flying inside dust collection ducts. It is usually combined with an automatic extinguishing system to extinguish every spark that runs in front of the detector.
Its use is recommended in factories where wood is processed, in textile industry, in cereal and animal feed mills and storage, in the treatment of hides and leather, etc, and where sparks are produced and they can start a fire.
Immediate response time (20-30ms).
Typical sensitivity: 1mm spark at half a meter distance.
"Teletest" feature for remote testing of the detector.
Power supply 24Vdc 50mA.

SAM-871 Mounting frame for spark detector and external test lamp unit

For an easy mounting of spark detector and external test lamp unit over the air duct.
Cover with anti-vibration rubber cushions, base with built-in optical window.

APU-874 Air purging unit

The air purging unit model APU-874 is a mechanical unit designed to keep clean the window of the mounting unit SAM-870 and protect the spark detector RIV-601P/S from the high temperatures of the duct (max 120°C) by means of an air jet.
Brass universal 3/8”M air fitting, Parker (female socket and male moving plug for 10 mm pipe).

PAN-705M Control panel 24Vdc 36W

Designed to operate and monitor all the functions of a system.
On front panel it displays the operating state of the system.
MEMORY function: the alarm signaling LEDs of the detectors and of the flow switch “remember” the alarm occurred blinking until the manual reset (RESET). Reverse polarity and overload/short circuit warning lights are also present.
In case of activation of the STOP circuit, the RESET button stops the alarm and restores the normal operating conditions. The TEST button is used to check the system. Cast aluminium case, IP66 protection. Voltage 24Vdc 36W.

PAN-701 Alarm panel 24Vdc 36W

Allows to monitor two independent detection points.
The alarm of the spark detector activates the STOP circuit (it turns on the alarm, stops the fan and closes the duct valve) which is held active until manual reset through the RESET button.
The TEST button is used to check the system.
It carries on the front panels alarm, power, overload/short circuit and reverse polarity lights.
Cast aluminium case, IP66 protection.
Voltage 24Vdc 36W.

SNA-808L Alarm sounder beacon

Audible visual alarm.
Indoor and outdoor use.
IP65 protection.
Power voltage 24Vdc 16mA 0,4W.

FIL-817 Strainer for water solenoid valve

To be installed before EVS-811 solenoid valve in order to stop andy dirt flowing inside the main water line.
Coupling 3⁄4” female.

EVS-811 Water solenoid valve ATEX II 3D

Opens water flow to the extinguisher spray nozzle.
Coupling 3/4" female.
Weatherproof protection with IP65 connector.
Power voltage 24Vdc 6.9W.

PAC-846 Water flow switch ATEX II 3D

Designed to monitor the spray water flow in the spray nozzle during the extinguishing operation.
Installed between the solenoid valve and the spray nozzle, will signal any water leakage due to solenoid valve malfunction.
Brass tee coupling 1/2" female (3/4" adapters separately supplied).
Changeover contact 1A 30Vdc.

UGN-820 Standard spray nozzle

Jam-proof design, vortex type with large outlet diameter (19 mm), usually installed in the spark detector systems.
130° hollow cone jet. Spray at right-angle from water entry.
To be mounted at right-angle to spray on center of ductwork.
Coupling 3/4" gas female, case material brass.

UGN-820A Axial spray nozzle

70° hollow cone jet, spray jet in line with water entry.
To be mounted on surface of ductwork.
It is used in applications where it is necessary to avoid bulky in the duct because of the type and the quantity of transported material (eg fibers, paper, leather).
Coupling 3/4" gas male, case material brass.

UGN-820P Flat jet spray nozzle

90° flat jet, spray jet in line with water entry.
To be mounted on surface of ductwork.
Used for special applications.
Coupling 3/4" gas male, case material brass.
Alimentazione 24Vcc 50mA.

LAM-612P External test lamp unit IP66 ATEX II 3D

Designed to test the RIV-601P/S spark detector window integrity against dust and dirt build-up.
Its use is recommended when internal test cannot be reliable bacause of window being covered or darkened.
It is mounted like a spark detector, using the same SAM-870 mounting unit, over the duct in the opposite position, so as it will be in front of the spark detector.
Power voltage 24Vdc 50mA.

LAC-843 Alarm lamp

Lamp with built-in 1Hz flasher.
Wall mounting.
IP65 protection.
Power voltage 24Vdc 3-5mA.

CON-844 Pulse counter

Counts the number of alarms and extinguishing operations.
5 digits, manual reset.
Wall mounting.
Power voltage 24Vdc 0,55W.